Roku Expanding Their Services By At Least A Dozen More Providers



2019 is expected to be a big this year in media streaming services. Big names like AT&T Warner Media, Disney, and Apple are expected to come out with their own streaming services and compete hard to get you as a customer. Even Roku is coming out with its own list of subscription services that includes up to two dozen more providers. They include services like Showtime. If you are following the cord cutting trend and looking for new services that offer the most for your money, Roku is one of the first to enter this market. Amazon started doing the same thing awhile back where you could ditch cable and pay Amazon for access to individual channels like Cinamax or Showtime. The idea of this according to Roku executives is to remove as many hurdles as possible and give the people more of what they want. It’s all about the customer or so that’s what they say.

Apple Halts Trading On Their Stock


Putting the blame on a weakened economy in China for low sales of the iPhone, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, sought to explain their huge drop in stock value this week, and because of this, Apple has stopped trading until they can figure out what’s going on. That’s not a good thing.

Although it’s clear the company hasn’t done great in sales over the last quarter or two, and Cook expects the next quarter results to be more of the same. Hard to believe that it was only last August when Apple became the first company to be worth a trillion dollars. Sadly after losing 10% in value, they have dropped to the #4 top company in terms of value. Even then, Apple is expecting a 38% profit margin on $84 Billion in revenue. So the loss is largely theoretical.

You can’t only blame China. People just aren’t buying new phones. They have chosen to update their batteries and keep their existing iPhones. That’s because with a price tag of over $1,000, and without a massive improvement in performance, the market is just responding negatively to that $1,000 price tag.