Organized Crime Ring Discovered Selling Fake Cars Online


Recently, US officials have came across an organized crime ring selling fake cars on sites like eBay and Craigslist. They operate out of Romania and thankfully some of these people have already been caught and taken down. Some of the methods they would be to steal the identities of Americans in order to pull it off. Or they tell some kind of sob story to pull on the heartstrings of potential customers. What’s worse is that the cars being sold online don’t actually exist. Personally the idea of buying a car online without seeing it in person has never seemed like a great idea to me unless it’s brand new and straight out of the factory with a warranty attached. However when it comes to used cars, it’s always good to see the car in person first. Not to mention the smart notion of having a mechanic check out the vehicle before purchasing.

Germany Demands Facebook To Stop Collecting Data

taoran-sun (1)

Recently, a court in Germany ruled that Facebook must stop collecting data on users without their consent, and give them the option to opt out. Facebook is now appealing that ruling saying that without the ability to collect data, they would have to shut down the social network access nationwide.
I think back to about 10 years ago when everyone was talking about how Facebook would eventually start charging us just to use them. A lot of people were getting ticked off and making a huge thing about it. Thankfully today, Facebook is still free. But in some ways it isn’t.
Given the sponsored ads we see on the site and the data collecting they do, this is how Facebook makes money and keeps it financially free for the rest of us. It is also part of the deal you make with Facebook when you first sign up with them. You automatically give them permission to collect data from you. All of the other free sites do it as well. After all, someone has to pay the bills.

Interesting Thing Found In Conan O’Brien’s DNA


Not to long ago, American Television Host, Conan O’Brien, went to the doctor and had a DNA test done. What the doc found was a rarity in and of itself. O’Brien’s DNA showed him to be 100% Irish. Nearly everyone in the world is not 100% anything. Some people might 50% German, 10% Irish, 40% Italian, or other similar combinations. Even the doctor(s) who specialize in DNA testing and do it everyday for a living were blown away by these test results. In other words, Conan will most likely, eventually be found drinking a ton of ales, wearing a kilt, playing the bag pipes, and participating in a lot toss event. I’m part Irish myself so I think it’s great. Long live the Irish!! Especially the full blooded ones.

New Apple Service Rumored To Come Out This Spring

I got an Apple TV for Christmas this year, and I'm loving it.

Apple will soon release its own streaming tv and movie service similar to Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. The service may come in the form of a stand-alone app or within the existing TV app found on iOS devices. It is said that it will be a mix of original programming and access to third party services. It is also said that this service will only be available on its own hardware which would limit its ability to expand. Reports indicate the this new service will be out sometimes this spring.

The New Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Be Among The First Wi-Fi 6 Phones


One of the features of the new S10 is that it will support the faster Wi-Fi speeds offered by the new Wi-Fi 6.
Having this feature won’t do much good right away. Most people do not have a Wi-Fi 6 router. However when you and most folks will want to get a new router in a couple years, this feature will come in handy. Wi-Fi 6 is suppose to improve performance in homes especially with a ton of devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Folding Phones Appear To Be The New Trend For 2019


It appears that Folding Phones are going to be the buzz word at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Even Energizer, the battery company, is announcing one as part of their 26 model line of new phones. It looks like they are even going to do a phone with an 18000mAh battery, four times the battery life of the Note 9.

This past year, the sales of mobile phones have gone down, which means the silly season is about to start where phone companies will start adding silly features to lure customers back in to buy. Perhaps if they should just lowered the prices of their phones? Just saying.

Leaked Information Regarding Samsung’s First Fold-able Phone

Recently Samsung accidentally leaked information about its new Galaxy F foldable phones. There have already been leaks of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+. You know we are getting closer to the February 20th event when these leaks happen. We have a leak of the video for the Galaxy F phone. You can check it out here.