Alphabet’s Life Sciences Company Verily Decides To Give Up on Their Glucose Reading Contact Lenses


Verily recently announced it is discontinuing development on ‘Smart Lens,’ which promised the ability to read blood glucose levels using contact lenses. The company said that not only is this hard to do, but there are massive and potentially insurmountable technical and scientific problems with it.

FCC Recently Approved An Application By SpaceX To Deploy Multiple Statelites To Space For Global Internet Access


The FCC recently approved an application from Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, to deploy 7,000 satellites into space that would offer global broadband internet access. Elon Musk says that he wants a total of 12,000 satellites around the earth in low orbit to provide internet to every square inch of the planet’s surface. One of the problems with satellite internet is that there’s a lot of latency, but Musk says they can get it down to 25 milliseconds, which could be faster than the internet many of us use at home.

My First Communication Device – Motorola Talkabout T-900 2-Way Pager


In summer of 2000, I bought this little device for around $200.00
At the time, cellphones were still expensive, not to mention the air time that came with them. So I decided to go the route a few of my friends went back then and opted for a 2-Way pager. Today you don’t see these devices anymore, at least I don’t. Because smartphones have replaced devices like these and are a million times better. However back in 2000, devices like this were all the rage.

The T-900 is a clamshell device with an LCD screen that worked as a pager with its own phone and voice mail. But you could also send and receive text messages. This was before texting became popular. On top of that, you could email friends and family which I did a lot on this thing. It was my favorite way to stay in touch with people.

I would use service back then like Yahoo Mobile, MSN Mobile, And AOL Mobile to receive news headlines, stock quotes, sports scores, and alerts on different things. It had a little digital address book that keep all of my contacts addresses, emails, and numbers in the device. And the device could only read text. No HTMLs or Java Script. And certainly no colored photos.

In some ways, the two way pager was ahead of its time back then because most of the world wasn’t mobile yet.

In the fall of 2002, I eventually bought my first cell phone and left the 2-way pager behind. But I still remember it fondly as my first real device that gave me my first lessons on technology and communications. May it never be forgotten.

Some Thoughts On The New iPad Pro 2018


So I got a chance to check out the iPad Pro this weekend and let me just say it is sexy as hell!! It’s so slender, you can’t even put a headphone jack in it. She’s also expensive. When you buy the keyboard folio, the magnetic Apple Pencil 2, and the iPad itself, you are easily over $1600.
But it does supersede a comparable laptop in many ways. It has True Tone, adaptive liquid retina display, an eight core A12x Bionic chip which is 7nm small, the smallest processor ever, and 7 GPUs. So it is fast as hell. Faster than 92% of all laptops sold this past year, according to Apple. No doubt the iPad Pro is the computer of the future.

The negative part however is that iOS is too underwhelming to take advantage of all that power. In other words, things you should be able to do, like add an external hard drive or keyboard, you can’t do that. Sure, some creatives people will be able to harness the power, but for most, you end up paying a ton of money for an overpriced Netflix machine.

Apple Says They Will Stop Reporting Quarterly Sales


Apple made an announcement this week that it would stop giving quarterly sales reports during their earnings calls. They will no longer let investors know how many iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, etc.were sold. Leaving everyone to guess. How well a business is doing is directly tied to their sales report, and it may be that since the iPhone grew 0% this quarter, that Apple is concerned how reporting sales affects their stock prices. At the same time, Apple also derives a great percentage of their incoming from various services.

Apple Announces Their New iPad Is more Powerful Than Most Laptops


During this week’s Apple Event in New York, Apple announced a new iPad Pro, which they say is faster than most MacBook Pros, and just about any laptop on the market. If this is true, than this proves that the future of computing for Apple is the mobile iOS platform. They are reluctantly updating Macs. It’s also possible that Apple will not only abandon Intel entirely in favor of their own chips, but they will continue to be mobile centric. The Desktop does not seem long for this world. Apple showed that both AutoCad and Photoshop can run on it with no trouble.