The Facebook Deadline Hoax


Evidently there is a message circulating on Facebook stating that everything you’ve ever posted will become public tomorrow. People are even encouraged to copy and paste the text jargon and repost it. This message and the content in it is a hoax and no such deadline exist. So there is no need to repost the message. It is believed that the post originated from when Facebook got its IPO in 2012. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have also made the statement that they have made no such deadline.

The Week Of CES 2019


So last week was the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and there was a ton of 8K TVs being displayed. Samsung also showed off a new microLED 75″ TV with a price tag of $50,000! Short throw Projector TVs were also popular at CES. LG’s Optima is under $2,000.

On top of that, there were self driving cars using artificial intelliigence and LIDAR to drive without a pilot. An electric helicopter or self driving flying car. Amazon Dash Buttons, which are designed to instantly order a product at the touch of a button.

New Technology That Can Detect Netflix Account Password Sharing


So let’s be honest. At one time, you’ve probably shared your Netflix password with someone. I know I have. Maybe your Hulu password? ,etc. A tech company in the U.K., Synamedia, unveiled a new technology that can track account sharing and put an end to it. If companies like Netflix or Hulu got a hold of this technology, they could use it to scan subscriber data and find anomalies in it. They can easily out where are you watching whether it’s at home or far away. If it thinks you are sharing, it will tell Netflix. Netflix might then prompt you and give you the option to upgrade your service or it might shut down your account. It’s no secret that services like Netflix lose a lot of revenue every year from rampant sharing. But this A.I. that can track you in this way comes off as a little creepy. Right now, there are companies testing it out. We just don’t know yet who those companies are yet.

Google Doing Away With Chromecast Audio


Google has announced that they will no longer be manufacturing their Chromecast Audio. Google has more or less stated that since they have better products out there now, it doesn’t make sense to continue making the Chromecast Audios. They will continue to offer assistance to customers for them. As of now, you can purchase them for $15 while supplies last.

Roku Expanding Their Services By At Least A Dozen More Providers



2019 is expected to be a big this year in media streaming services. Big names like AT&T Warner Media, Disney, and Apple are expected to come out with their own streaming services and compete hard to get you as a customer. Even Roku is coming out with its own list of subscription services that includes up to two dozen more providers. They include services like Showtime. If you are following the cord cutting trend and looking for new services that offer the most for your money, Roku is one of the first to enter this market. Amazon started doing the same thing awhile back where you could ditch cable and pay Amazon for access to individual channels like Cinamax or Showtime. The idea of this according to Roku executives is to remove as many hurdles as possible and give the people more of what they want. It’s all about the customer or so that’s what they say.

The Bird Box Challenge


By now, most of you have heard about the hit movie on Netflix, Bird Box. 45 Million accounts have streamed this movie the first week it came out. Needless to say, it is very popular right now. The movie stars Sandra Bullock who plays a mother of two. She does everything she can to protect her children from a mysterious presence on the island they are stuck on. Everyone that have seen this presence has automatically been led to commit suicide. So Sandra Bullock has her children wear these blind folds in order to protect herself and her children.
One thing that has stemmed from this movie is something called The Bird Box Challenge. Kids evidently all over have been doing it. It doesn’t drive people to suicide but it has driven people toward stupidity. What it is basically is people from all walks of life doing all kinds of activities while blind folded. Things like playing basketball and even driving while blind folded. Seriously people??!!Netflix has of course come out and encouraged people not to do these kind of activities, but shouldn’t that be common sense anyway?

Potential Highlights For CES 2019


The CES 2019 begins today. A lot of what I am hearing about CES is on the grape vine, so to speak. However, things such as voice operated toilet, Air Conditioning controlled by AI, and BLAZing fast mobile internet will most likely be the highlight of this year’s CES. There will also be a huge presence of 8K TVs even though there is no content for it. These TVs are going to cost somewhere between 5 to 6 figures. I don’t think most of us are going to buying one for awhile.