The Glitter Bomb And The Package Thieves

During the holiday season, Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer, got fed up with package thieves and took it upon himself to do something about it. So he went out to make a glitter bomb using an Apple HomePod box with a fake mailing label with the name ‘Kevin McAllister’ from the Home Alone movies. Inside the box, he had four smartphones with cameras that were recording, along with an engine that spun with glitter. On top of that, he had aerosol cans with odor that would spray a nasty smell. The video of this with the reactions of the thieves has 45 million views on YouTube. You can watch the video below to see for yourselves. This is hilarious!!!


First Actual Bug Found In A Computer


Back in the 1940s when computers were still in their beginning stages, Harvard University started using some of the first machines ever during World War 2. The first computer was known as the Mark 1. A few years later, the Mark 2 came out. On the Mark 2, someone found a moth inside and pulled it out and bagged it. It was then documented as the first actual bug found in a computer. This bug can still be found today in The Computer Science Museum At Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts.