Apple Releases iOS 12.1.4


Yes, you’ve read that headline right. Apple just released another version of iOS 12. This is the fourth release of an iOS 12 version since Apple first released iOS 12 back in September. It is an urgent release for all iOS compatible devices which are iPhone 5s or later, iPad mini 2?or later, 6th generation iPod touch or later. Compatible devices should be automatically prompted to upgrade. This upgrade is assumingely designed to fix problems with FaceTime and emojis. The size of 12.1.4 is 500MB which is surprising huge for a big fix. It had been reported by numerous sources that this fix does fix certain problems but also introduces new problems as well.
In all of the years of Apple iOS, never have I’ve seen so many version of iOS introduced in a such a short amount of time. But never had iOS had so many features either. Windows for instance gets updated with patches at least once every month because features and attacks it gets. I think it is safe to assume that the bigger iOS gets and the more features get added to it, the more security updates it will need going forward.

Organized Crime Ring Discovered Selling Fake Cars Online


Recently, US officials have came across an organized crime ring selling fake cars on sites like eBay and Craigslist. They operate out of Romania and thankfully some of these people have already been caught and taken down. Some of the methods they would be to steal the identities of Americans in order to pull it off. Or they tell some kind of sob story to pull on the heartstrings of potential customers. What’s worse is that the cars being sold online don’t actually exist. Personally the idea of buying a car online without seeing it in person has never seemed like a great idea to me unless it’s brand new and straight out of the factory with a warranty attached. However when it comes to used cars, it’s always good to see the car in person first. Not to mention the smart notion of having a mechanic check out the vehicle before purchasing.

Over 21 Million Passwords Breached By Hackers

Faceless hooded anonymous computer hacker

So according to the creator of, there have been well over 21 million passwords that have been hacked and revealed on the dark web. To find out if your passwords have been hacked and stolen, go to and type up your passwords. It will tell you if your passwords have been hacked.

The Facebook Deadline Hoax


Evidently there is a message circulating on Facebook stating that everything you’ve ever posted will become public tomorrow. People are even encouraged to copy and paste the text jargon and repost it. This message and the content in it is a hoax and no such deadline exist. So there is no need to repost the message. It is believed that the post originated from when Facebook got its IPO in 2012. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have also made the statement that they have made no such deadline.

A Popular Microsoft Scam Traced Back To India


For some long time now, scammers have been calling or displaying a popup message on PCs with the threat that their computer access will be restricted if they don’t call a number and make a payment. According to the New York Times, this official looking message has been traced to a scam operation in Mumbai, India – which is the main hub for call centers. Real tech support people are moonlighting with this scam. Microsoft says that 20% of users actually call the number, and 6% actually give them money through a credit card, along with giving them remote access to their computer. And that’s when the real malware gets installed. Thankfully police have shut down many of these operations in recent days.

Marriott Starwood Data Breach Affects 500 Million Users


Marriott just announced this past week that they learned about a security breach from four years ago. On top of that, 500 million users are affected. For 327 million guests, the exposed information include names, phone numbers, email addresses, passport numbers, and arrival and departure information. For millions of others guests, credit card numbers and expiration dates were compromised. Marriott says that it will begin emailing guests that were affected by the breach.

If you go to, you can read their story and what they’re doing. They are also going to give users free monitoring for a year.

New Bitcoin Scam On Facebook

A smartphone user shows the Facebook application on his phone in Zenica, in this photo illustration

A couple of weeks ago, there was a bitcoin scam happening on twitter. Scammers were hijacking the twitter account of celebrities and various people claiming they were giving away free money. All you had to do was submit a small payment to verify who you are and of course, it was a scam.
Now this scam is back in different forms on Facebook. One example is an ad on Facebook looking like it is from CNBC promoting an investment opportunity in a new crypto-currency. All you have to do is submit our credit card information in order to invest. Of course there is no new crypto-currency.  Beware of these ads and similar ones. It all goes back to that expression that if something is to good to be true, then it probably is.