The Hover Camera Passport Drone

One of the sickest products that have come out this season is the Hover Camera Passport Drone. Drones have been around for awhile, however, this one is very unique. What makes it unique is its folding capabilities. Anyone who has ever owned a regular drone knows how easy it is to wreck or destroy it without even trying. Both the folding feature and design seem to prevent that from easily happening. This could very well be a revolution in drone technology. The passport drone is now available to buy. It is priced between $250 – $300 depending on where you purchase it.

Some Thoughts On The New iPad Pro 2018


So I got a chance to check out the iPad Pro this weekend and let me just say it is sexy as hell!! It’s so slender, you can’t even put a headphone jack in it. She’s also expensive. When you buy the keyboard folio, the magnetic Apple Pencil 2, and the iPad itself, you are easily over $1600.
But it does supersede a comparable laptop in many ways. It has True Tone, adaptive liquid retina display, an eight core A12x Bionic chip which is 7nm small, the smallest processor ever, and 7 GPUs. So it is fast as hell. Faster than 92% of all laptops sold this past year, according to Apple. No doubt the iPad Pro is the computer of the future.

The negative part however is that iOS is too underwhelming to take advantage of all that power. In other words, things you should be able to do, like add an external hard drive or keyboard, you can’t do that. Sure, some creatives people will be able to harness the power, but for most, you end up paying a ton of money for an overpriced Netflix machine.

Amazon’s New Smart Plug

Amazon announced a new product they are coming with at the end of the month called the Amazon Smart Plug. It is designed to operate with their Alexa program giving you voice control over anything that is plugged into it such as lights, fans, etc. You can schedule things to be turned on or off or control them from far away using the Alexa app. This sharp new item is due out October 29th starting at under $30 per unit.