A Popular Microsoft Scam Traced Back To India


For some long time now, scammers have been calling or displaying a popup message on PCs with the threat that their computer access will be restricted if they don’t call a number and make a payment. According to the New York Times, this official looking message has been traced to a scam operation in Mumbai, India – which is the main hub for call centers. Real tech support people are moonlighting with this scam. Microsoft says that 20% of users actually call the number, and 6% actually give them money through a credit card, along with giving them remote access to their computer. And that’s when the real malware gets installed. Thankfully police have shut down many of these operations in recent days.

Malware Tries To Convince You That Your Computer Is Frozen


There is a hack on certain websites that will try to make you believe your computer has froze and won’t be able to get it back unless you call an 800 number and pay them money. It is a nonsense phishing scam. Just hit Control ALT Delete or Force Quit the browser. Everything will go back to normal and be fine.