Mark Zuckerberg Talks About How Facebook Works


Under fire for privacy issues, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckberg, wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal talking about why and how Facebook collects your data and what they actually do with it.
Zuckerberg did a fairly good job of making his case for the business model Facebook uses. He is also making the plea for regulators not to regulate social media.
Personally I have no problem with facebook throwing targeted ads at me. I love that facebook is still free and they have to make their money somehow. But things like free speech should always be allowed on social media in my opinion.

New Upcoming Facebook Feature To Block Certain Words And Emojis On Your News Feed


In the coming months, there is talk of a new Facebook feature that will allow you to block certain words and emojis from landing on your news feed. For instance, if you are an Ebenezer Scrooge who despises Christmas and doesn’t want any Christmas content showing up on your page, then you can enter the word “Christmas” and it will block any comments with the word “Christmas” from your news feed. Facebook will reportedly not launch this feature for at least a few months so for this Christmas, you’re stuck with Christmas material on your page and may be visited by 3 ghosts on Christmas Eve night.

New Bitcoin Scam On Facebook

A smartphone user shows the Facebook application on his phone in Zenica, in this photo illustration

A couple of weeks ago, there was a bitcoin scam happening on twitter. Scammers were hijacking the twitter account of celebrities and various people claiming they were giving away free money. All you had to do was submit a small payment to verify who you are and of course, it was a scam.
Now this scam is back in different forms on Facebook. One example is an ad on Facebook looking like it is from CNBC promoting an investment opportunity in a new crypto-currency. All you have to do is submit our credit card information in order to invest. Of course there is no new crypto-currency.  Beware of these ads and similar ones. It all goes back to that expression that if something is to good to be true, then it probably is.

New Facebook “Unsend” Feature


When using Facebook Messenger, most of us have sent messages to someone that we wish we could take back. And soon, you will be able to do just that via Facebook Messenger. If you accidentally send the wrong photo, message the wrong thread, send incorrect information, etc, you can easily remove that information after sending it. But only within 10 mins. After 10 mins, you will be out of luck. According to my  information, this feature is not yet out. When it will be available is still unknown.

The Latest Facebook Hoax

Facebook Hoax_1539004757998.jpg_12773885_ver1.0_1280_720

Over the last two years, we’ve all gotten friend requests from fake profiles of people we thought we were already friends with on Facebook.
Most likely, you were not hacked over the last week or two. Instead you’ve seemingly gotten messages from friends that claimed that they just got a friend request from you, but they knew it wasn’t you, so you must have been hacked. Truth is you were not hacked and there is no one impersonating you on Facebook. Also those messages you’ve received from friends are not really from your friends. The whole thing is a viral hoax.
What’s happened is that some goofball created an algorithm designed to do all of these things. Then he/she somehow managed to release it into Facebook to see if it would go viral. And of course it did.
The good news is that you were not hacked, no one is impersonating you on Facebook, no false friend requests were sent, and those messages were not from your friends. This is something you can safely ignore and be fine.

Facebook Gets Hacked, Around 90 Million Users Compromised


Facebook reported this past week that 50-90 million accounts where hacked or compromised through three bugs in their interface that would allow some hacker to bypass challenges via a stolen access token, video downloaded access. Facebook stated they have fixed the bug and made stolen access tokens unusable for the 90 million compromised accounts. So if you had to re-log in this week, chances are, your account was compromised. Add that point, it would be smart to change your password. On top of that, it may also be a good idea to turn on the 2 Factor Authentication in your Facebook settings.

Facebook Takes A Stock Hit

Last week, Facebook took a huge stock hit. $120 Billion lost in value. Mark Zuckerberg lost over half of his wealth. But in time, he will probably bounce back.