What Did Apple Announce At Their October 30th Event?


A new MacBook Air, a Mac Mini, an iPad Pro. Apple is also adding 60 new teaching sessions to its “Today At Apple” feature. And of course the new iOS 12.1 because frankly, the iOS 12, that was introduced in September, had way too many bugs. Throughout the day, I will be posting videos about the event including the event itself. Enjoy!

The 2018 MacBook Pro


Apple released a 13″ and 15″ refresh of the MacBook Pro starting at $1799 and $2399. The Macs over the last few years have been aimed at professionals. And it is very possible the Mac consumer brand is on the way out. Apple really wants people to buy iPads, rather than iMacs. You can get them with up to a 4TB hard drive with an i9 processor. So expect to pay around $7000 to be able to edit your videos on the new iMacs. Another downside is that it is difficult to repair. Up to a $700 fix without Apple Care.