Problems With The New iOS 12.1.2 Update


So iOS 12.1.2 was released last week. The update seems to have caused cellular data to stop working on some of the iPhones. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to be an issue that has spread to far. The victims of this issue have complained that they have been unable to make calls, send texts, or access the internet unless they are connected to Wi-Fi. Here are a few possible ways you can address this issue:

(1) Go to Settings in your iPhone to turn off Wi-Fi calling. It seems that something in that setting is conflicting with the update and that could be causing the problem.

(2) Revert back to an older version of iOS ( 12.1, essentially). To do this, you will probably have to connect your device to a computer, navigate through iTunes to device settings and restore from there.

(3) Contact Apple Support to see if they have any solutions that can help you out.

Hopefully some of these issues will help you out if you are experiencing this issue. And hopefully the next version of iOS will fix these issues which will hopefully be in the near future.

Apple Hosting Free Coding Tutorials At Their Stores


From December 1st through the 14th, Apple stores are hosting free classes to teach people how to code. Each of these sessions will takes place for only an hour over the two week period. For kids 6-12, the sessions will involve coding with robots. Everyone 12 and up will be given a tutorial on Swift, the Apple programming language used on most Apple products. If you are interested in doing this and/or bringing your children into it, check with your local Apple store for class times and to sign up.

Some Thoughts On The New iPad Pro 2018


So I got a chance to check out the iPad Pro this weekend and let me just say it is sexy as hell!! It’s so slender, you can’t even put a headphone jack in it. She’s also expensive. When you buy the keyboard folio, the magnetic Apple Pencil 2, and the iPad itself, you are easily over $1600.
But it does supersede a comparable laptop in many ways. It has True Tone, adaptive liquid retina display, an eight core A12x Bionic chip which is 7nm small, the smallest processor ever, and 7 GPUs. So it is fast as hell. Faster than 92% of all laptops sold this past year, according to Apple. No doubt the iPad Pro is the computer of the future.

The negative part however is that iOS is too underwhelming to take advantage of all that power. In other words, things you should be able to do, like add an external hard drive or keyboard, you can’t do that. Sure, some creatives people will be able to harness the power, but for most, you end up paying a ton of money for an overpriced Netflix machine.

Apple Says They Will Stop Reporting Quarterly Sales


Apple made an announcement this week that it would stop giving quarterly sales reports during their earnings calls. They will no longer let investors know how many iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, etc.were sold. Leaving everyone to guess. How well a business is doing is directly tied to their sales report, and it may be that since the iPhone grew 0% this quarter, that Apple is concerned how reporting sales affects their stock prices. At the same time, Apple also derives a great percentage of their incoming from various services.

Apple Announces Their New iPad Is more Powerful Than Most Laptops


During this week’s Apple Event in New York, Apple announced a new iPad Pro, which they say is faster than most MacBook Pros, and just about any laptop on the market. If this is true, than this proves that the future of computing for Apple is the mobile iOS platform. They are reluctantly updating Macs. It’s also possible that Apple will not only abandon Intel entirely in favor of their own chips, but they will continue to be mobile centric. The Desktop does not seem long for this world. Apple showed that both AutoCad and Photoshop can run on it with no trouble.