Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, Faces Divorce And Possible Financial Lose


Most of you have probably already heard the story of the Jeff Bezos divorce from his wife of 25 years, MacKensie Bezos, due to Jeff having an affair with Lauren Sanchez. Jeff married MacKensie well before he founded Amazon and gained his current net worth of $140 billion. To top it off, there was no prenuptial agreement signed which means Bezos could stand to lose half of his fortune and assets.
As of now, Jeff Bezos is the Founder, CEO, Chairman, and majority shareholder of Amazon. If Bezos lost half of everything including half of his share of Amazon ownership, the ownership of the Amazon itself could shift. How this will affect Amazon employees and customers remains to be seen.

Amazon’s New Smart Plug

Amazon announced a new product they are coming with at the end of the month called the Amazon Smart Plug. It is designed to operate with their Alexa program giving you voice control over anything that is plugged into it such as lights, fans, etc. You can schedule things to be turned on or off or control them from far away using the Alexa app. This sharp new item is due out October 29th starting at under $30 per unit.

eBay Sues Amazon For Allegedly Stealing Sellers


eBay is suing Amazon for allegedly poaching third-party sellers. eBay claims that Amazon was using eBay’s messaging feature to hire away third party sellers for Amazon Marketplace which is Amazon’s competing sellers platform. Thus taking away business from eBay. Both companies use third party sellers. Amazon has not yet commented on this situation.

Amazon Hosts A Surprise Alexa Event With 14 New Products


Last Thursday, Amazon held a surprise event. They announced 14 new Alexa centered products, with nearly 75 new features. Like Apple and Google, Amazon is working hard to create their own ecosystem. The only problem with getting caught up in any of these ecosystem is that the deeper you get in, the harder it becomes to use any products outside of it.

Amazon’s New Face Recognition Falsely Mistakes US Congress Members As Criminals


So Amazon’s “Rekognition” face recognition software has identified certain United States members of Congress as criminals.
When the ACLU ran the software, which was designed to match people to a database of mugshots, it identified a total of 28 members as felons. Amazon claimed the software was used in an incorrect manner, and should have been set to a 99% confidence level verses the 80% that they used.