Australia Getting Ready To Pass Anti-Encryption Law


Parliament in Australia is gearing up to pass an anti-encryption law that will make it not only illegal to use encrypted communications, but will also give law enforcement and other government authorities the power to use malware to crack an encrypted network. This will endanger the security of anyone using an online service and obviously violates an individual’s privacy rights. Russia has a similar law, so does England.

A Popular Microsoft Scam Traced Back To India


For some long time now, scammers have been calling or displaying a popup message on PCs with the threat that their computer access will be restricted if they don’t call a number and make a payment. According to the New York Times, this official looking message has been traced to a scam operation in Mumbai, India – which is the main hub for call centers. Real tech support people are moonlighting with this scam. Microsoft says that 20% of users actually call the number, and 6% actually give them money through a credit card, along with giving them remote access to their computer. And that’s when the real malware gets installed. Thankfully police have shut down many of these operations in recent days.

Marriott Starwood Data Breach Affects 500 Million Users


Marriott just announced this past week that they learned about a security breach from four years ago. On top of that, 500 million users are affected. For 327 million guests, the exposed information include names, phone numbers, email addresses, passport numbers, and arrival and departure information. For millions of others guests, credit card numbers and expiration dates were compromised. Marriott says that it will begin emailing guests that were affected by the breach.

If you go to, you can read their story and what they’re doing. They are also going to give users free monitoring for a year.