New Technology That Can Detect Netflix Account Password Sharing


So let’s be honest. At one time, you’ve probably shared your Netflix password with someone. I know I have. Maybe your Hulu password? ,etc. A tech company in the U.K., Synamedia, unveiled a new technology that can track account sharing and put an end to it. If companies like Netflix or Hulu got a hold of this technology, they could use it to scan subscriber data and find anomalies in it. They can easily out where are you watching whether it’s at home or far away. If it thinks you are sharing, it will tell Netflix. Netflix might then prompt you and give you the option to upgrade your service or it might shut down your account. It’s no secret that services like Netflix lose a lot of revenue every year from rampant sharing. But this A.I. that can track you in this way comes off as a little creepy. Right now, there are companies testing it out. We just don’t know yet who those companies are yet.

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