The Bird Box Challenge


By now, most of you have heard about the hit movie on Netflix, Bird Box. 45 Million accounts have streamed this movie the first week it came out. Needless to say, it is very popular right now. The movie stars Sandra Bullock who plays a mother of two. She does everything she can to protect her children from a mysterious presence on the island they are stuck on. Everyone that have seen this presence has automatically been led to commit suicide. So Sandra Bullock has her children wear these blind folds in order to protect herself and her children.
One thing that has stemmed from this movie is something called The Bird Box Challenge. Kids evidently all over have been doing it. It doesn’t drive people to suicide but it has driven people toward stupidity. What it is basically is people from all walks of life doing all kinds of activities while blind folded. Things like playing basketball and even driving while blind folded. Seriously people??!!Netflix has of course come out and encouraged people not to do these kind of activities, but shouldn’t that be common sense anyway?

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