The Digital Blaze Is Officially Removing Social Media Sites Tumblr and Google Plus From Its Organization


The St. Louis based organization known as The Digital Blaze has made the difficult decision to officially remove social media sites Tumblr and Google Plus from its promotion campaign due to lack of volume and activity. CEO and Founder, Dan Worch, says there aren’t enough hours in the day to interact with followers, promote, and perform everything necessary to make The Digital Blaze a true success in either of those social media platforms. The Digital Blaze has previously posted its content on LinkedIn. However, Dan Worch stated that since The Digital Blaze occasionally posts off color content, he strongly felt that LinkedIn was not an appropriate platform to post its content given Linkedin’s professional reputation. The Digital Blaze will continue to share its content on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and occasionally posts their own videos on their YouTube channel. At this point, The Digital Blaze is considering using Instagram as a possible social site in the future. Co-Owners Dan Worch and Melissa Warren want to give a heartfelt thanks to the users on both Google Plus and Tumblr for following and supporting them and truly hopes they will continue to do the same on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and/or WordPress. The Digital Blaze will cease posting content on Tumblr and Google on December 1st, 2018.

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