The Latest Facebook Hoax

Facebook Hoax_1539004757998.jpg_12773885_ver1.0_1280_720

Over the last two years, we’ve all gotten friend requests from fake profiles of people we thought we were already friends with on Facebook.
Most likely, you were not hacked over the last week or two. Instead you’ve seemingly gotten messages from friends that claimed that they just got a friend request from you, but they knew it wasn’t you, so you must have been hacked. Truth is you were not hacked and there is no one impersonating you on Facebook. Also those messages you’ve received from friends are not really from your friends. The whole thing is a viral hoax.
What’s happened is that some goofball created an algorithm designed to do all of these things. Then he/she somehow managed to release it into Facebook to see if it would go viral. And of course it did.
The good news is that you were not hacked, no one is impersonating you on Facebook, no false friend requests were sent, and those messages were not from your friends. This is something you can safely ignore and be fine.

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