Should You Put Your Life In The Hands Of Your Apple Watch?


With the release of the Apple Watch 4, there has been a lot of concern from various doctors based on the new heart monitor and ECG feature it has come out with. One example is the possibility of hypochondriacs coming into the hospital or ER believing they are having a heart attack because of the Apple Watch is telling them they are. As someone who has spent years working in hospitals and also with EMS, there have always been people calling 911 or coming into the ER believing that there is something wrong when there isn’t. That has always been the case and always will until technology advances to the point that you can just get checked out at home. As far as credibility with The Apple Watch, it has been approved by the FDA and the President of the American Heart Association has given the Apple Watch 4 his blessing at the September 12th Apple Event. My belief is that if Apple Watch was designed to tell you that you were having a heart attack when you are not, then it would not get that kind of approval. I also don’t believe that you should let the watch replace your doctor. But let’s think about something for a minute: How many of us have ate something or did something that gave us a sensation making us wonder if there something wrong going on inside our body? What is amazing about this watch is that it can do it’s own echocardiogram and tell you if you are having issues. This helps ease our worries and potentially eliminates the masses of people who go get checked that really don’t need to. Plus the people who really do need help can get it quicker because of this elimination. That’s my theory at least. On the flip side, I am willing to bet that doctors and hospitals are concerned that less people getting checked out because of the Apple Watch could cut into their profit margins. But the way I see it, these doctors make enough money as it is. In this way, this Apple Watch feature gives a little more power to the people and is a huge benefit to those with no insurance.

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