How The 2-Way Pager Saved Lives On September 11th, 2001


Since we are taking the time today to remember what happened exactly 17 years ago on September 11th 2001, I thought this would be a time to recall one story that happened back then. And to keep with the tech theme, it’s also a tech story.

Back in the days when cellphones and service plans were way more costly than they are today, devices like 2-Way pagers were another option used by young people like yours truly.

When the World Trade Center was hit in New York on September 11th, 2001, it got to a point where some cellphones were not working very well. Maybe because there so many communications devices and radio waves in the air, certain devices couldn’t get through.

I remember reading stories later on about how people trapped inside elevators or inside the rubble of the WTC were carrying 2-Way devices called the Motorola Talkabout T-900. They were able to use those devices to send text messages to family and friends and to the proper authorities to let them know that they were trapped and where they were. If it wasn’t for these devices, who knows what would have happened to these people.
This was way before the internet and wireless technology became what it is today.

The 2-Way pagers are now obsolete due to larger technological advances, but they are not forgotten. There is no doubt that these quaint devices saved lives on that tragic day and got through when most other devices couldn’t.

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