Other Tech Companies Talk Trash To Apple


Apple Apple Apple. What can you say about them? Lately, a whole lot. Just a month ago, Apple has just become the first company in the entire history of the world to be worth a trillion dollars. No other company has ever reached this point, ever. And to think that in 1996, Apple was 3 months away from going out of business until they brought back Steve Jobs who turned everything around. What really saved Apple from going under was the iPod, the first ever MP3 Music player that allowed you to put 1000 songs in your pocket. Apple was also the company to come out with the first ever smartphone in 2007. Than in 2009 or 2010 came the first ever tablet known as the iPad. They have made breakthrough after breakthrough until sadly Steve Jobs passed away in 2011 due to pancreatic cancer.

After Apple had lost their visionary, the company seemed to make their money from over pricing everything in my opinion. For the longest time, I didn’t want anything to do with Apple (other than buying music and movies from iTunes) because they struck me as being too overpriced. And today, I still believe that is still true. But you cannot argue the quality of the products. The iPhone is by far the most amazing phone I have ever owned. The only issue I have with iPhones is the lack of storage space it gives you. For the life of me, I can not understand why Apple will not allow you to put an SD Card into the phone like the Android phones do. In order to get more space on an iPhone, you have to pay monthly for it and the extra storage goes into their iCloud (in other words, someone else’s computer). If it wasn’t for the storage issue, I would say that iPhone is, hands down, the perfect phone. Unfortunately that is the biggest flaw. Another flaw is only being able to access Apple files and not much else. At least Google can be more universal. For example, I have always bought my music on iTunes and could always play the songs on Google Play Music. Other than that, Apple rocks!! And they have gotten big!!

So much so, that this past year, I have seen other tech companies like Microsoft and Samsung talking trash towards Apple. Samsung even has a series of commercials out there about upgrading from an iPhone to a Samsung phone. The commercials make it so the iPhone user has tons of problems with their iPhone and at the same time constantly bumping into Samsung users whose phones just happens to be working better than the iPhone user. Then at the end of the commercial, the iPhone user decides to switch to a Samsung phone believing its better. I have a couple of these commercials posted on The Digital Blaze website so feel free to look around. You will find them listed under Samsung.

In my opinion, Im not surprised that Apple competitors are talking trash because the truth is, Apple dominates right now in the United States tech industry because of the iPhone alone. Hands down, iPhone is the best phone in terms of quality and security in the U.S. Very few people, if any, can make a convincing argument otherwise. Not to say Apple still doesn’t have its issues. But if Apple does keep improving and they do get better, Apple could potentially monopolize the cell phone and computer industry over a period of time. Which is partly why I suspect we are seeing trash talking commercials. Samsung isn’t willing to lose its customers without a fight.
In Europe, Android has 75% of the market while Apple holds 25. How all of this will play out down the road, time will tell.

Right now, I am personally considering switching back to Samsung phones with the Android OS just because of the storage alone. I am the type of person who loves having as much storage as possible on his devices. A lot of that is because I love having all of my music, movies, tv, shows, photos, files, and everything else on hand when I need them without having to use my data or needing to be in cell phone range in order to access all of my stuff. I love that I could be out in the middle of nowhere or in some building where I can’t get a signal and can still access all of my stuff. You can’t get that with Apple unless you don’t have very much data at all and can fit it all on your iPhone. But I have gigs and gigs of data. This is my own personal deal. To each their own.

When I think of these Samsung commercials, it reminds of the back in the day watching of those rivalry commercials between Coke and Pepsi. You had the Pepsi Challenge, the Coca-Cola bears, Britney Spears dancing on Bob Dole’s television. Down boy. And now, everyone seems to be attacking Apple because they are the top dog. And like the Pepsi-Coke commercials, I’s going to enjoy all of these companies fire on each other because I find it somewhat comical and entertaining. Pass the popcorn baby!!

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