Patch Tuesday


For those of you who aren’t familiar, Microsoft has a set date when all of their updates and security patches are released. Since 2003, this day has become known as Patch Tuesday. Patch Tuesday happens on the second Tuesday of every month. And occasionally the 4th Tuesday of every month.
On this day, Microsoft releases all of their updates and patches for software that either need to be fixed or needs more security because of evil hackers.
For all of us with Windows computers, we all have been prompted, or nagged, by Microsoft to install these updates. Most of us hate doing it because it can take awhile for these updates to load and then we can’t get much done on our computers while it is updating.
It is a pain in the you know what, but my advice is to get these updates loaded as soon as possible. Loading these updates helps prevent hackers from getting into our systems and doing something bad to them. The minute Microsoft puts in some kind of security, there are evil hackers who automatically notice and then go to work figuring out how to get around it. This is why Microsoft has to constantly put out patches in order to fix these problems. It is always a game of companies like Microsoft and Apple to put up security wall after wall and then hackers figuring how to knock them down. With that said, if you have not loaded the latest patches and updates from Microsoft, my advice would to do it ASAP in order to help keep your system secure. These patches are important and play a huge role in keeping our devices and data safe.

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