Samsung Officially Announces The Galaxy Note 9


The official announcement was made last Thursday. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be out on August 24th. It starts out at $999 and goes even higher if you want more internal storage. Beautiful phone and slightly larger than the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung has put a huge 4,000 mAH battery in the Note 9. They’re putting in water cooling so the battery wont get to hot and explode. This is the largest battery in a Note phone. Reviewers are all reporting exceptional battery life. The phone gives you 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage with the option to use an SD Card.
If you want more, you can spend $1300 for 512GB of internal storage. That combined with a 512GB SD Card makes it possible to have 1 terabyte of storage on a phone.

The phone comes in blue with a yellow S Pen. Or you can get a lavender phone with a lavender S Pen. The S Pen operates with Bluetooth LE and can work as a remote for slide shows or a selfie cam button. In order to do that, the Pen has a battery with supercharger in it. It can only hold a charge for half an hour but will charge back up in 40 seconds.

The Note 9 has a dual aperture 12MP camera on the back and a 8MP camera on the front.

Samsung continues to prove Apple and Google wrong by providing a headphone jack on its phone, and might be a big reason for purchasing Samsung phones.

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