The Digital Church: Good Thing Or Bad Thing? You Decide..


Over the course of my life, I’ve done just about every type of Christian church there is.

I’ve done the church that had the organ, the hymn books, and the stained glass windows.

I’ve also done the church where the worship resembles a loud rock concert and everyone yells hallelujah and amen while the preacher preaches their message (my type of church).

With me, I grew up in church. I sang on stage, did the skits, I was even part of a youth group in my teens. For a long time, I had three kinds of family. I had my biological family, my work family, and my church family.
I have been taught by some of the best teachers and church leaders I have ever known. I have learned very early on in life the importance of constantly being present, fellowship, and serving in the church.
It has been a very positive experience for me. It has helped shape who I am and has made me look at life in a very positive way. Even with all of the negativity happening around us.

Today a lot of churches have gone digital. Meaning that most churches record their services so you can watch them at home or listen to them on podcasts. Some would argue that it is a negative thing. That it gives people an excuse not to have to get out of bed on Sunday and sit in church. That they can sleep in and listen to the preacher’s message later. Some would say that it also takes away from the fellowship of being around other people in church. After all, you are who you associate with. I would say that there is a lot of truth to these statements.

For me, there have been Sundays that I wouldn’t get out of bed earlier knowing I can watch the service later on iTunes.  And most of the time, I wound up not watching them.

Eventually I came to realize how much of a disservice I was doing for the kids.
More than anything, I want them to have the same experiences I had when I went to church as a kid. And hopefully the same outlooks on life. So it’s more beneficial for me and the kids to get out of bed, hit the showers, and then hit the road.

Sometimes, however, my work doesn’t always allow me to be at church on certain Sundays. Because there are those Sundays when I have to work. Thankfully I can go back and watch/listen to those recorded services on iTunes so I don’t miss what was talked about that week. So there is a huge benefit to that.

And for someone like me who does almost never carries cash on him: When it comes to giving at my church, you can do it electronically in like 5 seconds. No going to the ATM, no waiting in line, no looking over your shoulder when typing in the pin. It’s a beautiful thing!!!

So what’s the moral to this story? My advice would be to go to church regularly, fellowship with others, serve in the church, and make sure you and your kids are apart of all of it. But take advantage of the podcasts, electronic giving, and everything else that goes along with the digital church.
After all, in this fast changing world that I call The Digital Blaze, it’s awesome that you have even more options to help serve God!!!

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