Switching From Android To iPhone


In 2002, I bought my first cell phone. Back then it was mainly flip phones. Then in 2008, I bought my first smart phone which was a Palm Centro. Then came the BlackBerry, followed by a HTC (worst smartphone ever in my opinion). Then for the longest time, Samsung was my smart phone of choice (couldn’t help but love that home button).

With iPhones, I always thought they were overpriced and not worth the money. So I never really got into them. No matter how much my family and friends tried to sell me on them.

Years later when I became an IT student, I knew I needed to learn more about Apple products. So I decided to go buy an iPhone just to mess around with and use as a tablet. I had no plans to activate it. Just wanted to learn about it.

So when I bought it and played around with it, I was blown away to the point where I had to activate it.
Since then, I’ve been using iPhone. They are expensive as hell, but you can’t argue the quality of them. The speakers and the sound are incredible. The camera and screen are almost unmatched. And the speed is so much better than the android phone I previously had. At least, that’s been my experience.

Granted everyone has different views on andriods and iphones and have had different experiences as well. I, however, hold the position that iPhones are amazing and I have a feeling that I will be using them for a very long time.


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