Alphabet’s Life Sciences Company Verily Decides To Give Up on Their Glucose Reading Contact Lenses


Verily recently announced it is discontinuing development on ‘Smart Lens,’ which promised the ability to read blood glucose levels using contact lenses. The company said that not only is this hard to do, but there are massive and potentially insurmountable technical and scientific problems with it.

FCC Recently Approved An Application By SpaceX To Deploy Multiple Statelites To Space For Global Internet Access


The FCC recently approved an application from Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, to deploy 7,000 satellites into space that would offer global broadband internet access. Elon Musk says that he wants a total of 12,000 satellites around the earth in low orbit to provide internet to every square inch of the planet’s surface. One of the problems with satellite internet is that there’s a lot of latency, but Musk says they can get it down to 25 milliseconds, which could be faster than the internet many of us use at home.

The Lighting Of The Christmas Tree @ Kiener Plaza In Downtown St. Louis

My son, Jordan, and I witnessing a Christmas tree lighting in our home city of downtown St. Louis. Great time with all of the ice skating and free hot cocoa which was sponsored by the Salvation Army. They raised quite a bit of money to help multiple people for the holiday season. I would be remiss if I didn’t encourage all of you to donate at least a little something to the Salvation Army even if its just a dollar. A dollar may not be much to most of u but it could very well be the world to someone out there.